Welcome to Royalty Pole Dancing.

Welcome to the new way to get fit, have fun, and make friends! Royalty Pole Dance is proud to offer a premier collection of dance, strength, cardio, and flexibility classes all based around pole fitness. The first pole fitness studio, located in Las Vegas, was created in 1994 by pole pioneer Fawnia Mondey. Because of its addictive nature and capability to turn exercising fun, pole fitness quickly spread across the world. Now it's made it's way to beautiful Rosedale, Bakersfield and is ready to show you the amazing things your body is capable of doing!

We offer morning and evening classes, along with "open pole" time to give you the chance to perfect and improve your skills. Be sure to check out our schedule and book your class before space runs out!

About The Owner:

Hi Bakersfield! My name is Carmen Tomshack and I've been hooked on pole fitness since 2011. Growing up, I was never a dancer or gymnast and it was almost painful to watch me try and bust a move on the dance floor! After having my first baby and living an inactive lifestyle, my body began to accumulate unhealthy pounds, aches, and pains. My hips had shifted during my pregnancy and remained unbalanced and weak. I had never stretched in my life and had never had a gym membership, but my body had enough and I began looking for classes. It was upon chance that I stumbled across pole fitness and my life went upside down (literally) from there! My body is in the best shape it has ever been, and more importantly, I am proud of it and what it can do. I went from hating simple exercise to not being able to go a week without pushing my body to its limits and I want to help you discover that strength in yourself! I know it is possible in everyone because I was able to discover it in myself. Come take a class with me and see what pole fitness is about!


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