Student Recitals & Public Shows


Royalty is proud to offer each and every one of their students the opportunity to perform in a semi-private recital every year. The recitals are open to students and their families/supporters and may sometimes be done in a public venue, although, private events are generally set up for these performances. Showcasing in a student recital is a great way to build confidence, work ethic, team building skills, and most importantly, develop your fitness skill level. Having a set goal with deadlines really pushes each student to work hard and creates a sense of importance and value in everyone. If you are looking to pursue something more than just learning tricks and exercising, performing in a student recital may be for you!
Student recitals are organized at least one time a year and open to every student. We encourage other acts besides Pole Dance, such as flexibility, other circus apparatuses, and dance.
Royalty Pole Dance is also available for hire in public performances. We are able to perform artistic Pole Dance, Pole Silkii, and dance routines for private and public events. We are guaranteed to put on a show that’ll blow everyone away and leave them talking about it for days! Feel free to contact us for any company event, birthday parties, or any other social gathering that could use an amazing show!
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