Classes and memberships may be paid in the form of cash, Venmo or CashApp transfer.
Cash may be paid directly to Carmen - please call/text 661-675-5434 when you are ready to purchase classes.
When you have paid the full amount due for your classes, contact 661-675-5434 to confirm that payment was delivered. It is each students responsibility to confirm when payments are sent, that way your classes may be logged in our schedules. The schedule is available through social media on and on Please make sure you keep track of classes you use, along with their expirations to maintain a paper trail of your membership. Teachers will take roll each class to deduct bundles accordingly, but it is still each student’s responsibility to keep track. Once classes are used, students may repurchase any appropriate class bundle with the same method.  All classes MUST be used by 02/29/2020!
**expire 02/29/2020 regardless of purchase date - No refunds, reimbursements & No exchanges between students or for other services**


$25 per class afterwards


4 classes & $10 discount to 1 Hr. Private Session


10 classes & $10 discount to 1 Hr. Private Session

**Private session discount may NOT accumulate or roll-over - This discount is on a use it or lose it basis.**

Privates and Semi-Privates are also available at the following rates:

Private Classes

$30.00 - $40.00

Semi-Privates w/ 5 or more people - $30 per person.

Semi-Privates w/ 4 or less people - $40 per person.


1 Hour Private Session

$10 discount from class bundles may only be applied to this.

**Bachelorette and Pole Dance parties are also available at similar rates. Please contact 661-675-5434 to confirm prices. Leave a VM or text to receive a call back!**