Meet Carmen, the owner and main fitness instructor at Royalty Pole Dance. Carmen has been hooked on Pole Fitness since 2011. Growing up, she was never a dancer or gymnast and developed much slower than most pole dancers. Even though Pole Fitness brought her great difficulty, she knew that one day her body would grow strong enough to attempt tricks she never dreamed of doing. After having 2 kids, her body changed: She began to have a slower metabolism, back & hip pains, and became depressed and stuck in a limbo. She stumbled upon pole by chance and fell in love at first class. She has had the opportunity to train with award winning Champions in Utah, Las Vegas, and California, and began teaching herself when she moved to Bakersfield. Now she is thriving and hopes to share the joy and accomplishment pole has brought her. Her motto is: "If I can do it, so can YOU!"


If you like to bend and fly then you'll love our Pole Silkii instructor, Amanda! Starting at a young age in dance and gymnastics, her passion for acrobatics arts blossomed over the years into a strong love for pole dance. The results she started to see were beyond amazing and the acro addiction has begun! Amanda has now been pole dancing since late 2011 and has flown into the Aerial Silks since mid 2016. As soon as she found out it was possible, she has been learning to bring the two apparatuses together into a lovely combination of brass and fabric! Aerial and flow arts have always been an important role in Amanda's transformation of body, mind, and soul; If it's a challenge to better yourself, you can bet Amanda will give it a try! This girl just can't wait to share her passions with you and prove that you too can achieve the impossible!


  With a passion for nature and holistic wellness, our yoga instructor, Vanessa, is certified in Hatha Yoga, Massage Therapy, and she is Reiki attuned. But don’t let her gentle nature fool you, she also has a black belt in Shaolin Kenpo and she taught Martial Arts for over 6 years. Vanessa fell madly in love with pole dancing from the moment she tried it and found Yoga to be an ideal complement to her new passion. Her Yoga classes will strengthen your muscles, improve your balance, clear your mind, increase your flexibility, and reduce your risk of physical injury so you can perform at your best with quicker recovery and faster improvement. Catch Vanessa at the studio teaching Yoga and killing those Yoga moves on the Pole!


Tori grew up dancing: From age 2 - 23 years old she has been moving and grooving her heart out! She started teaching Tap and “Girly” Hip Hop when she was 15 years old, even delved in Rollerblading for a while, and didn’t stop until she had her kids. But dancing was in her blood and she began taking classes at Royalty Pole Dance! Now Pole Dance is one of her new loves, along with her family, pizza, and Star Wars. Catch her in *all* the classes at the studio! Tori is devoted and has transformed since she joined.  Make sure you take any of her popular  Dance Fitness and Hip Hop Classes, which are guaranteed to make you sweat, laugh, and learn new dance moves!



Everyone, please welcome Tabitha! Tabitha is 24 with a drive like no other. She is always ready to take on a challenge head on and achieve it, along with helping others to reach their goals! She never took any type of dance or gymnastics when she was young. She actually stumbled upon pole fitness and aerial dancing by accident and that’s when her passion for pole fitness began. Little by little, her good friend, Amanda, introduced her to the aerial silks and Lyra! Now she can’t keep her feet off the ground! She pole danced for just shy of 4 years and now feels fortunate enough to share her love for pole  fitness and aerial dance with all of you. If Tabitha had any type of motto, it would have to be that she’s here to help you be the best you and to never give up, there’s always more!