The class

Man, talk about how time flies!

All the months have slipped by.. flown right in front of us as we have been flying around ourselves!

    So many new faces have joined us, and so many of them are already climbing, going upside down, and splitting all over the place. This 1,000 sq. foot pole studio is more than just a place where we go to work out – it’s an escape from reality and all the harsh demands of our physical and emotional states. Each hour we laugh, grow, and do something we never believed we ever could’ve dream’t of doing. We are becoming unstoppable – the growth never ends and neither does the fun! As we wave goodbye to our One Year Anniversary (on April 10th, 2018), we welcome our new sisters and amazing new classes. Our new Yoga and Meditation class is definitely going to be a crowd favorite.. along with Pilates and Barre! But don’t take our word for it.. check out a class for only $15 today and see why so many people call Royalty Pole Dance their second home.

Hope to see you in class soon!

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