Classes Offered at Royalty Pole Dance


    To ensure quality service, class sizes are limited and reservations are encouraged. Drop-in's are welcome as long as spots are open. Please arrive to class 5 mins early and no more than 15 minutes minutes late to avoid a $15 no-show fee. Be sure to read all class descriptions in the student portal so proper attire is worn; Open pole is also available to members and non-members.
*    Pole Boot Camp is seasonal and available during the summer and on special occasion only
      The studio is available for private rental and parties. We are glad to accommodate all sizes and types of parties, as well as private rentals for member practice time. Studio rentals for member practice time is available at $20 per hour per student renting and $40 per hour per person for non-members renting.
Call/text/email the studio to find out pricing for parties.*


**all memberships/contracts/classes are non-refundable. Please remember to cancel any classes you may not be able to attend to avoid the $15 no-show fee.**


*  *  *  NEW CLASSES  *  *  *

*Awaken Yoga*

This class is designed to awaken your consciousness through connection of breath and body. Postures are typically held for 30 seconds to 1 minute, giving you time to get into full alignment of the pose, be mindful of your breath, slow down your. Mind, and connect with your spirit. Increased strength, flexibility, and overall well-being are just a few of the many perks this highly energized and meditative class can bring you. This class is for all levels and is great in conjunction with Pole Fitness. Mats are provided or feel free to bring your own.

Pole 1

First time trying Pole Fitness? This is the perfect class for those who have had no experience at all. Each Pole 1 class will begin with a basic warmup and be followed by learning a dance routine to familiarize you around the pole. This routine will be repeated for a couple of weeks in both levels 1 and 2 to make sure every student really understands the mechanics of movement. Students will learn the basics of the Pole Walk, Pole Crawl, Pirouettes, and Dips, after which they will be able to graduate to the next level.

Pole 2

Now it’s time to learn some spins on the pole! After graduating, each student will continue the same routine learned in Pole 1, this time at a faster pace and in a lengthier version. At the end of the routine review, basic beginner spins off the pole will be taught, along with strength/grip conditioning exercises to develop upper body and core strength.

Pole 3

This is the first level where all dance choreography will be omitted from class. Students will be taught the basics of climbing, intermediate spins, knee and elbow holds. Once a student is able to execute several different methods of climbing and grip changes, they will be able to graduate to the next level.

Pole 4

Get ready to go upside down and start learning the tricks that made Pole Fitness notorious! This level will cover aerial leg hangs and intermediate/advanced tricks in the Pole Fitness community. Each student will be taught how to combine tricks together seamlessly to create beautiful displays of aerial fitness!

Pole 5

Now that you’ve learned the important foundations of Pole Fitness, it’s time to take those climbs and inverts to the next level! This class will go into detail on how to execute advanced moves and combo them together. You will be amazed at just how much your body CAN do with proper training and confidence!

Pole 6

For those seasoned Pole Dancers who want to take their developed strength and flexibility to the next level, this pop-up class is a perfect challenge! Learn flips, stunts, and tricks that will leave your jaw on the ground!

Intro to Pole Silkii

Pole Silkii, a new concept in the world of aerial arts, is a perfect combination of Aerial Silks and Pole Fitness. A low-stretch Aerial Silk is attached to the top of the pole with a pressure mounted, metal clip. This class is open to all students who have graduated Pole 2 and have already learned beginner spins on the pole. Come learn the basics of Aerial Silk fitness, as well as receive assistance in Pole Dance tricks.

Chair Dance & Pole Flow

Learn the beautiful, smooth art of chair dance while improving you pole flow and burning off calories! This class is taught by an extremely talented and well-rounded teacher who is sure to help you find your inner vixen. Learn a full routine in the course of two weeks: a chair dance portion will be taught one week, followed by the pole dance portion of it. It’s never a bad idea to learn as many Pole Dance styles as you can!


Miss doing a Pole Dance choreography? Continue to explore the many unique styles of Pole Dance and low Pole Flow. This class will cover as many types of Pole Dance (exotic, contemporary, expressionist), as possible and switch between genres of music. Both Pole Levels 1 and 2 will need to be graduated in order to attend since beginner intermediate spins will be used in the choreography, along with spin pole.

Pole Strength & Conditioning

New to Pole Dance/Fitness with absolutely no upper body strength? This class is just for you and any beginners who want to get a head start on nailing intermediate pole moves. The curriculum will consist of a mixture of cardio, body weight exercises, dumbbell/resistance band exercises, and unique Pole Dance conditioning exercises that will compliment your pole workouts.

Hip Hop

This is a high energy, all-levels dance class dedicated to the sexiness and fun of hip hop! The class will begin with a warm-up, followed by a detailed break down of a bi-weekly choreography, and a cool down. 3 inch or shorter heels are allowed in class to add to the fun of this workout!


Pole is an intensive sport that requires focus, strength, and fluidity. Stretch your muscles to realign and center your body, while conditioning them to nail beautiful moves in pole and other sorts. This class is a combination of a cardio based warmup, yoga, and partner assisted stretches that combine to create a contortion style curriculum.