Classes Offered at Royalty Pole Dance


 To ensure quality service, class sizes are limited and reservations are required. Please arrive to class 5 mins early and no more than 15 minutes minutes late to avoid a $15 no-show fee. Please, be sure to review class descriptions to read about expectations and proper attire. Open pole is also available to members and non-members for the cost of $10 per hour, or one class from a bundle.


      The studio is also available for private rental and parties. We are glad to accommodate all sizes and types of parties, as well as private rentals for member practice time. Studio rentals for member practice time is available at $10 per hour per student renting and $20 per hour per person for non-members renting.
Call/text 661-675-5434 or email the studio at to find out pricing for parties.



Students, please make sure you reserve your spots in class ahead of time. Teachers may not open the studio if no sign-up’s appear on the schedule. Reservations can be made directly to Carmen through social media, email at, or text/call at 661-675-5434. The schedule will be posted on social media weekly to announce any class changes, although the following classes usually occur once a week on the same day and time. Students may notify Carmen of recurring reservations if they plan to come to the same class each week - If this is done you will only need to contact Royalty Pole Dance if you CANNOT make your reservation.


Due to the nature of frequent pop-up classes and workshops, the schedule will only be posted on social media or available through 661-675-5434 and not on the website.


**all memberships/classes are non-refundable. Please remember to cancel any classes you may not be able to attend to avoid the $15 no-show fee.**

Intro to Pole

First time trying Pole Dance? This is the perfect class for those who have no experience at all. Each Intro to Pole class will begin with a basic warm-up, then continue with learning basic moves around the pole. Some of these moves will include the Pole Walk, Pirouettes, and Dips, all of which will be broken down in a step-by-step manner and adjusted as needed. Once each student “breaks the ice” in their Pole Fitness journey, they can move on to the next level. Attire is: tank top, shorts, knee high socks - Absolutely NO lotion, body oils, and hand jewelry the day of class!

Pole 1

After graduating Intro to Pole, students will begin strength training and conditioning to learn spins and how to climb! Each student will also be taught basics for getting off the ground and gripping the pole differently to get into new tricks. Attire is: tank top, shorts, knee high socks - Absolutely NO lotion, body oils, and hand jewelry the day of class!

Pole 2 

This is our beginning intermediate class. Each student will be taught body awareness while being conditioned to hold themselves on the pole better. Intermediate spins and moves will be introduced according to skill level, including aerial inversions (going upside down). Attire is: sports bra and pole shorts - Absolutely NO lotion, body oils, and hand jewelry the day of class!

Pole 3 

Get ready to start learning the tricks that made Pole Fitness so popular. Along with perfecting the foundations of aerial inversions, students will be taught trick combinations and given time to explore routines and creating combinations of their own. Spin pole, floor work, and low pole dance “flow” will be incorporated throughout the course of class each month.  Attire is: tank top and pole shorts - Absolutely NO lotion, body oils, and hand jewelry the day of class!

Pole 4 

From flexibility, to insane strength and stamina, there is something fun for everyone in this class! Students will be taught how to execute advanced moves individually, in combinations, and on spin pole. This class will only be held bi-weekly or by demand.

Intro to Pole Silkii

Pole Silkii, a new concept in the world of aerial arts, is a perfect combination of Aerial Silks and Pole Fitness. A low-stretch Aerial Silk is attached to the top of the pole with a pressure mounted, metal clip. This class is open to all students who have graduated Intro to Pole and have already learned beginner spins on the pole. Come learn the basics of Aerial Silk fitness, as well as receive assistance in Pole Dance tricks.


This Pole Dance class will consist of a choreographed routine that will be repeated several weeks in a row. This class is great for students who are wanting to practice moves repeatedly to execute them with the most precision and grace as possible. Styles of dance will range from exotic, to lyrical, and sassy and students will have the opportunity to record and even perform their learned performances. Breaks will be taken in-between each 4-8 week routine change. Knee high socks are required and heels are optional. 

Dance Fitness

Why not get your heart pumping and your body sweating with fun Hip Hop dance moves choreographed to catchy music and beats? Once you get moving to the music, you’ll forget you’re even exercising at all; This is a perfect way to sneak in that extra calorie burn after a long weekend or just get a fun dance session in!


Pole is an intensive sport that requires focus, strength, and fluidity. Stretch your muscles to realign and center your body, while conditioning them to nail beautiful moves in pole and other sorts. This class is a combination of a cardio based warmup, yoga, and partner assisted stretches that combine to create a contortion style curriculum.