The class

Welcome, beginners!

Welcome to the start of the most incredible journey you will take: a journey back to wellness, friends, and self-love! Royalty Pole Dance has been providing adult dance and group fitness classes since April 2017 to people of all ages and sizes. There is no limit on body types in class - Pole Fitness and dance loves everyone so long as they are devoted and consistent.  No one is required to have any experience to take a beginner class: We will work with you, side by side, to help you learn how to listen and respect your body. Your first Pole Dance class will consist of a simple and fun dance routine, followed by learning a few spins off the pole. As you graduate each level, the emphasis on fitness will move from cardio/dance, to strength and stunts. All of our teachers are happy to break down moves as often as needed to make sure you get the most out of each class. We guarantee that you will be surrounded by the most supportive and loving people and that you will walk out of each class sore and better than ever before. No reservation is required to take your first Intro to Pole class, which is the perfect class for new beginners to take. After you take Intro to Pole, you will be graduated into Pole Level 1 and so on. Please be sure to come dressed in a tank top, knee high socks, shorts (requirement for Pole Levels 1-4), and to leave all lotion, body oils, and hand jewelry off your person when you come to class! Feel free to call/text/email whenever you have any questions and click below to see the full schedule and create your student account. We'll see you in class!