Welcome to Royalty Pole Dance!

Located in Northwest Bakersfield, Royalty Pole Dance is proud to offer Pole Dancing classes for fitness and fun. We offer weekly beginner through advanced Pole Dancing classes, along with other unique classes such as Pole Silkii, Flexibility, and Hip Hop Dance Fitness. Our studio is open to those interested in exploring this unique style of dance - NO experience is ever needed as we will teach you everything there is to know! We include all styles of Pole Dance including strength moves, sultry floor work, and sassy choreography.
Beginners, please come prepared with the following attire:
Tank top, shorts, & knee high socks. Absolutely NO lotion, body oils, or hand jewelry the day of class.
Be ready to sweat and experience dance like you’ve never explored before! Learn how to feel confident in your own skin while meeting supportive friends from all sizes and backgrounds.
Our beautiful dance studio is located in the same parking lot as Rusty’s Pizza and CarQuest, in-between Jewetta and Verdugo Ave on Rosedale Highway. Check us out on social media to see what classes are like!

**all memberships/contracts/classes are non-refundable. Please remember to cancel any classes you may not be able to attend to avoid the $15 no-show fee.**

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will be closing on Feb. 29, 2020.  We are extremely disappointed that we cannot continue to provide Pole Dance & Aerial Fitness but encourage students to participate while they can!

*How will this affect current/new memberships?*

All class bundles will expire on the closing date of Feb. 29, 2020.  It will be each student's responsibility to use all their classes or *lose* them.  We will NOT be offering refunds, reimbursements or trades.  Thank you so much for being part of Royalty Pole Dance! We appreciate every single one of you!

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